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Pressure Points of the Martial Combat System

Pressure points against a take down

How to defend against a take down

How to use Pressure Points against a Take Down I have been asked by many students how would you defend against a take down attempt when someone tried to shoot for your legs. In this video Master Moran shows some techniques to defend against a simple take down attempt. These techniques are found in the…
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Dirty Street Fighting Self Defense Trick

In this video Master Moran shows you some more street fighting techniques from The American Pressure Point Self Defense System. The techniques in this video can be found in the Naihanchi kata. Even though this “dirty street fighting” example may look a bit silly, the use of any type of distraction greatly increases the effectiveness…
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multiple attacker defense using kata

How to defend against multiple attackers

Here are 3 methods of how to fight against multiple attackers in a streetlight taught by Grand Master Moran. One of the worst parts about fighting multiple attackers is the risk of ending up on your back. In the Video above Grand Master Moran teaches you the skills and techniques to fight and defeat a…
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real world kata

Kata For The Real World

In this video Grand Master Moran shows how to use some moves found in kata in the real world. Pressure points can be added to almost all strikes to make it more effective. In the video the points used are the naval and the base of the cranium.

How to strike pressure points

Pressure Points and How to Strike Them

Grand Master Lambert and Grand Master Moran have taught hundreds if not thousands of students over the years. I have had the pleasure of training with both of them. Pressure points are a large part of our style. In the video above Grand Master Moran shows some pressure points and how to strike them. Note…
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Naihanchi kata for street fighting

Naihanchi Street Fighting

The Naihanchi kata has always been one of my favorite katas. Grand Master Lambert taught this kata to me over 20 years ago. Grand Master Moran has taken this kata to a new level with pressure points. In the video above he shows some possible Naihanchi street fighting pressure points.

Pressure point escape from guillotine choke

Guillotine Escape with Pressure Points

Master Moran, A 10th dan describes the proper way of a guillotine escape from the guard using monkey bite pinch and pressure point on leg. In this video learn how to escape from an opponent’s deadly guillotine choke.

Bully defense with pressure points

Bully Defense with Pressure Points

Have you ever been bullied? In this video Master Moran uses a two hand thrust type punch to the center line of an attacker who is acting as a bully. With this bully defense technique there are many pressure points that can be hit. I was originally taught this move by Grand Master Lambert. This…
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Pressure Point for Street Headlock

Pressure point defense for the street headlock

Grand Master Moran shows you how to get out of a street headlock with pressure points. This is a type of headlock commonly found in street fights. He uses the pressure point Back of Neck 1 found in the American Pressure Point Self Defense System. For more infomation click here

pressure point for elbow defense

Pressure Points for Elbow Attack

In this video Master Moran demonstrates some pressure points that can be used against an elbow attack. These are possible techniques that can taken from the Naihanchi kata. Getting the timing to step on the foot at the same time is difficult to master but it makes this and most techniques more effective. This video…
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