Recommended Reading

Pressure Points of the Martial Combat System

Recommended Reading

If you happen to be a study nut like me, sometimes it helps if others find books and articles that will help you in the journey to learn about combat striking points. With the amount of literature out there on this subject, unless you are wealthy and have all the time in the world, you may need to know what books are worth reading and those that are not. On this page, I will list some of the books and articles I have studied for your review and are recommended reading. Books that are not listed may be incomplete or superfluous.

Do-It Yourself SHIATSU

How to perform the ancient Japanese art of “acupuncture without needles”.
By Wataru Ohashi, Published by A Dutton paper back 1976.

Believe me, it is much more fun to heal a sick person than to harm them. This book will teach you how to use your hands for healing as well as combat. There are many rules of do’s and do nots listed in this book that can also help you to understand fundamental principles of healing and combat art. This book features an easy to follow map of the human body which out lines many of the points that you may see on my web site. I have created from this book a list of healing points (listed in alphabetical order), which I will e-mail out to you on request.

The Way of Kata

A Comprehensive Guide to deciphering martial application.
Writing by Lawrence A Kane and Kris Wilder.
YMAA publication center Boston Mass. USA.

First I would like to say that any book or article written under YMAA is worth reading fore YMAA is a leader in the martial arts field. Although this book has not been written by Master (DR) Yang Jwing Ming him self, this book has been produced with great care and quality.
Kara te is Kata, kata is kara te, and this is the main point of this book. It teaches all fundamental principles of many styles of Karate and explains the necessity for these principles. These principles, must be a part of you to be master of Kata, in doing so, Kata will never bore you again.

Advanced DIM MAK

Douglas H.Y. Hsieh. Meadea Enterprise Co, Inc. Republic of China 1984
Distributor; Mc Lisa Enterprises P.O. box 1755 Honolulu Hawaii, 96806.

One of the first pp books to be printed in the English language. Although the sketches are nothing to write Picasso about, the writing is well done and hide nothing about were the points are and how to strike them. This book is a good place to start. Unlike the translations of the Bubishi and many pp books out there this book on top of all the other info given, shows you how to hit them.

Erle Montaigue

I must say that for the soft arts enthusiast Master Montaigue’s book are well worth reading. He has fully mastered the combat side of Tai Chi and the use of pp’s. His books on pp’s are second to none.

DR. Yang Jwing Ming

Again all books written by Dr Ming are well worth reading for Gung Fu and tai chi.


YIH MEI BOOK CO. BY Lee Ying Arng, 1984.
This book is dedicated to teaching the living method as apposed to the dead method that is in most schools. I feel that this kicking method is superior to all others.