What is QI?

Pressure Points of the Martial Combat System

What is QI?

Qi also known as Chi, Ki, Gi and in India, Prana. Is best defined by translating two Chinese characters, One, which means air and the other which means energy. With this knowledge we may put together this simple meaning, air energy or what I call universal divine Qi. This universal divine Qi is, in essence, the vital energy or force that is of a divine origin. This divine force gracefully lends it dynamic abundance of power to the whole of its creation. This divine Qi is found in all living matter as well as inanimate matter such as earth and stone. Qi also penetrates the human body by way of pressure points and continues on to its respective meridians and on to the corresponding organs and on to every cell of the body.

This is true with all living things plants and/or animals alike.

There are three major indications in which Qi is utilized.

The first is in the activity of movement of blood and fluid through the arteries veins and capillaries. The existent of Qi is proven by, the bloods movement and the fact that it brings Oxygen and nutrients in that very movement and at the same time carries out waste and toxins.

The second is that in the nervous system a communicative energy is used to transmit signals to control and communicate susceptibilities to other parts of the body such as the brian.

The third is the Qi circulation, which supplies energy to the organs and tissues of the body. This Qi circulation is not the nervous system nor is it the blood fluid system although the Qi circulation at some points runs through them.
In order to enhance health in the human body, the Qi must circulate evenly and forcefully at the correct frequency. When Qi circulation is out of frequency through stagnation or accumulation, illness can result. An illustration that I once heard from a acupuncturist years ago went something like this, The Qi frequency that has become stagnate is like a ship that travel from one continent to another on a periodic bases with its cargo. Which for some reason will not leave port because its orders had been misplaced. The port in which the ship was docked had an over abundance of the product that the ship was to deliver. The country that the ship was accustomed to travel to, has a lack of product. Therefore we can safely say that the ships cargo is stagnate in port.

This illustration gives us a picture of three factors
1. Overabundance
2. Insufficiency
3. Inactivity

These are the root causes of illness and death. To heal this stagnation pressure points are used to remove the stagnation. A pressure point strike may be used to make the Qi frequency stagnate. The next question you may ask is what’s a pressure point? First you need to understand how QI flows from one place to another So lets ask the question, what is a Meridian?