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Striking points are given to you, the reader, for educational purposes only and must never be practiced or attempted with out proper professional instruction from a certified Master Instructor of Fifth Dan rank or above. Striking to any part of the head or body may result in, illness, disability, or even death to its receiver. For the reason that point striking may become deadly, you must receive one on one instruction from a Master Instructor who will work with you daily. A one-day experience, or videotape, or book can not give you the experience needed. The members of the National Institute of Pressure Point arts, the author, the web site, and the publisher, disclaim any legal liability of any type, and will not be held responsible for any damages, illnesses or deaths received by the reckless delivery of blows of any kind to any part of the head, body or appendages. The author, publisher and web site owners disclaim liability from damages received by the above.

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Cavity Point # 9, Genkon

  • Name: Genkon, also known as Chian, translation, the present or prevailing state of things.
  • Strike point: Cv #24.
  • Location: In the depression in the center of the Mentolabial groove,
  • Direction of strike: Turning downward.
  • Depth: 0.2 to 0.3.
  • Vasculation: The branch of the inferior labial artery and Veins.
  • Innevation: The branch of the facial nerve.
  • Technique: Sharp to semi sharp / best strike cutting fist, middle knuckle fist
  • Special technique: Use a cutting fist as if you were knocking on a door or straight in turn up
  • Best strike time: Open.
  • Effect: Loss of both organ and motor sense’s, caused by stimulation to the nerves leading to the brain.
  • Result: Fainting Unconsciousness Death.
  • Cure: Know cure for a heavy attack, for a light attack use message and herbs.



Genkon medical name is Cengjiang and it location is just under the center of the lower lip, at the root of the lower gum line or the depression of the center of the mentolabial groove.
Genkon (Chian) or Cv # 24 also known as Ren # 24 is the final point in the conception vessel meridian. Used in eastern medicine to heal; puffiness of the face, swelling of the gums, toothache, salivation, mental disorders, deviation of the eyes and mouth. The needle or pressure maybe entered obliquely, 0.2 to 0.3 cun; moxa may be used as well.

Because the head contains the brain and the central nervous system for all processes in the entire body an attack to Genkon can result in the following symptoms: loss of balance, loss of sense faculty, fainting and unconsciousness. A slight tap to Genkon may result in unconsciousness, if the strike was execute in the right manner. A powerful strike can cause a whiplash effect; a masterful blow may cause death, from a violent shacking of the brain.

The strike might be made with almost any protruding bone of the hand or arm. The category I am placing this vital point in is blunt for the above reason. The best strike I would recommend to start with is the cutting fist; it offers you the greatest amount of control. The worse for control would be the elbow.

Although Genkon is a potent strike, it is extremely difficult to hit in a combative situation. To strike Genkon you must lead the opponent head in the same way you would lead a duck in flight on a hunting trip. Genkon can also be used, as a secondary strike after the opponent has already been weakened.

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