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The drills and techniques depicted on this web site are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. It is not the intention of the author or the publisher to encourage readers to attempt any of the dills or techniques illustrated.

Striking points are given to you, the reader, for educational purposes only and must never be practiced or attempted with out proper professional instruction from a certified Master Instructor of Fifth Dan rank or above. Striking to any part of the head or body may result in, illness, disability, or even death to its receiver. For the reason that point striking may become deadly, you must receive one on one instruction from a Master Instructor who will work with you daily. A one-day experience, or videotape, or book can not give you the experience needed. The members of the National Institute of Pressure Point arts, the author, the web site, and the publisher, disclaim any legal liability of any type, and will not be held responsible for any damages, illnesses or deaths received by the reckless delivery of blows of any kind to any part of the head, body or appendages. The author, publisher and web site owners disclaim liability from damages received by the above.

This web site is for informational purposes only.
This commentary has been written and produced by Master Leonard Paul Lambert, And may not be reproduced with out written permission of Master Lambert and or the National institute of pressure point arts.

CAVITY # 10, Mikazuki

  • Name: Mikazuki.
  • Strike point: Cv #23.
  • Location: Above the Adam’s apple, in the depression of the upper boarder of the hyoid bone.
  • Direction of strike: Straight in and upward.
  • Depth: 0.5 to 1.0.
  • Vasculation: The anterior jugular vein.
  • Innervation: The branch of the cutaneous cervical nerve, and the hypoglossal nerve and the branch of the glossopharyngeal nerve.
  • Technique: Pointed/ best strike/ Toe kick. / Mid knuckle/ Upper cut/ bird’s claw/ shuto.
  • Best strike time: Open.
  • Effect: Nerve disorder caused by concussion.
  • Result: Unconsciousness possibly death.
  • Cure: In the case of a light attack, massage muscles and use herbs, a heavy strike there is no cure

Mikazuki pressure point


Mikazuki is located above the Adam’s apple, in the depression of the upper border of the hyoid bone. It is used to heal problem of swelling and pain of the subglossal region, salivation with glossoplegia, aphsia with stiffness of the tongue by apoplexy, sudden hoarseness of the voice, and difficult swallowing, by puncturing of pressing the nerves therein.

In the Shorin Ryu kata Chinto, there is a jumping kick demonstrated, starting with a half step forwards with the left foot, then a right fake kick and a leaping left high kick followed by a supported right punch. A possible application for this segment of kata may be, The left high kick is to Mikazutki or (CV23) which will cause the opponent to fall backwards, tip the head forwards and the supported punch would strike either Tendo (GV 22) or Tento (GV24). If you look up the vital point for Tento and Tendo, the outcome of using this combination of tactical techniques is deadly.

Mikazuki is quit sufficient on it’s own, If the Hypoglossal nerve is damaged, control of the tongue is loss the receiver will most likely swallow his tongue and die from suffocation. Anterior Jugular vein, has a pulsating nature like all artery’s and veins, If the vein is struck on it cessation, the vein would be filled with blood and rupture. Is would result in instant death do to a hematoma. If the rupture does not seal it, self quickly death by strangulation will result. A strike to Mikazuki, which turns up wards, may cause a whiplash effect to the receiver as well.


For an experiment, use a partner and from about three inches away tap Mikazuki with a shuto striking straight in lightly, this type of light strike will alone cause a jerk reaction, to your partner and may slightly stun him and his mouth may open as well. Do not worry though; it should not hurt any thing. In time, the muscular around the throat will be come stronger and the above reactions will disappear. This is an exercise from the Shaolin monetary which bring their devotees to a point of take a heavy strike to the throat area. It takes about 2 years of constant, every day beating. All areas of the throat are very fragile, great care should be observed when practicing with a partner.

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